Evolution from believer to atheist

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Make-believe Anonymous Cartoon

Funny Make-believe Anonymous Religious Cartoon Picture
Funny Make-believe Anonymous Religious Cartoon Picture - Um... my name is bigfoot and I have a problem. I think I'm real. God, Santa, Loch Ness Monster

Origin Of The Species

Funny Eden joke cartoon - Um, Eve that's not a salad, that's my dirty laundry

"Dad, where did people come from?"

"Well, Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on."

"But Dad, Mom said we were monkeys and then evolved to be like we are now."

"No Son, your mom was talking about her side of the family."

Funny creation religious joke

Funny Poor Joseph Cartoons

Funny Poor Joseph Mary Joke Picture - Poor Joseph.  God was a hard act to follow
Funny Poor Joseph Mary Joke Bed Picture - Poor Joseph.  God was a hard act to follow

Lions in Eden

The First Couple, alone in the Garden of Paradise and a Commandment involving forbidden fruit.  What could possibly go wrong?

Enter the talking snake, and all Hell breaks loose.  The hapless couple are evicted from Paradise, and Death arrives on the scene. 

All of which I presume pleased the lions admirably, having been equipped at creation with superb canines - which were frankly not well-suited to fruit and nuts.

Sunday School Joke

Funny Sunday School Joke Story Picture

The Sunday school room sweltered with heat, and Mollie had started to doze off.

"Who came down from heaven to save our souls?'' asked Miss Parfemon.

Charlie poked Molly with a sharp pencil. Startled, she jumped up and shouted, "Jesus Christ!"

"That's right, Molly. Well done," said the teacher.  "And who created the earth?"

Charlie prodded Molly again.  "God Almighty!" she shouted.

Miss Parfemon smiled at the little girl's exuberance.  "Yes. Well done!  Now, for a tricky one, class. What do you think Eve said to Adam after their 23rd baby?"

No one answered, and Molly's head started to nod again.  Charlie stabbed her again viciously with the pencil.  Furious, she jumped up, turned around and shouted, "'If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'll snap it in two!''
Funny Sunday School Joke