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Prayer Flowcharts

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."
- Mark 11:24

The Christian prays in faith, fully expecting to get what was asked for, but quickly realises that all is not as it seems.  Prayers are not answered.  Requests are not granted.  What is going on?

OK, fair enough, perhaps a new Ferrari is not needed, but surely a cancer-ridden 5 year old daughter does need healing? Or maybe God has good reasons not granting the request, being omniscient and all; a greater, wiser plan that we're unaware of?

All very mysterious and unhelpful.  We need a more detailed flowchart to clarify matters:

Religion picture - nothing fails like prayer

Oh dear, it's gotten worse!  Surely there must be some objective proof that prayer works?

Several intercessory prayer studies have indeed been performed, looking for a statistically significant impact of prayer, but none was found.  Bizarrely, patients aware of being prayed for in one study seemed to even fare worse than control groups, perhaps suffering from performance anxiety, or wondering why their illness needed prayer exactly.

So, it seems we just need a simple flowchart after all:

Religion picture flowchart - Does prayer work? No.

And all is suddenly clear.

Atheist Quote of the Day

"Religion is like having a classroom where the students have to show up every day, but there's no teacher. There are a bunch of books around and no one is even sure which on is the text book. Some students insist on one book; others argue just as hard for another. Then suddenly, on the last day, the teacher appears and says he's been watching everybody the whole time. He praises the ones who chose the right text book and sends them off to have cookies and milk.

And then he sets everyone else on fire."
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