"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."
"I enjoy mythology, but am not religious about it"
"Your faith is not inspired by some divine constant truth. It is simply geography"
"The doubt of your faith is not god testing you, it is the truth trying to emerge and free you."
"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."
"Scientology. Because Mormons needed something to joke about."
"Jesus hates figs" (Mark 11:12-14)
"Staying in bed shouting 'Oh my God!' does not constitute going to church."
"Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers."
"If there there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion."
"I considered becoming an atheist, but there weren't enough holidays."
"My creation myth is better than your creation myth."
"Religion is a great comfort in a world torn apart by ... religion."
"Call my religion violent again and I'll kill you."
"The more I study religions the more I'm convinced that man worships only himself."
"Creationism doesn't required a leap of faith so much as a drunken tumble down Mount Dumbass."
"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."
"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world."
"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
"Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool. - Mark Twain
"If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia."

Choosing Your Religion Flowchart

Funny Choosing Your Religion Flowchart Joke Picture
Funny Choosing Your Religion Flowchart Joke Picture
Let's be honest, this religion business is not very clear, is it?

Assuming there are gods, and that we exist for the purpose of worshipping them, it would have been helpful if the instructions for finding them had been clearer.

Already I feel the ire rising of those believers clutching Scriptures in their clammy hands.  "We have the Truth! Revealed by God! There is only one way!"

Except that there are many books.

All allegedly inspired.

Yet different.

And you are most likely to be clutching THAT particular Book in your hands because of WHERE you were born.  Your version of the truth is a geographical accident.