Because religion is laughable

Funny Religious Miracle Signs Wonders

Funny Religious Miracle Mother Theresa Nun Bun Joke Picture
Mother Theresa "Nun Bun"

"In the last days I will show signs and wonders" Joel 2:29

Of course, words, even prophetic ones are cheap.  The evidence of God's waning, even non-existent power, is stark:

That is, until the divine miracle of Photoshop undid the Devil's spawn that is the evil photographic camera!

Funny miracle frequency chart picture

But perhaps we are too cynical.
Sometimes the Lord does indeed work in mysterious and undeniable ways.

Funny dog anus Jesus miracle appearance
Jesus makes a surprise appearance as a dog's anus.

But now for a touching personal testimony from a reader:

"I saw something wondrous for sale on eBay the other day: the portrait of my Lord Jesus on a piece of toast. I bid all I had, but it was worth it -  my very own miracle toast! 

It arrived today by special delivery and I  just had to share it with you and your scoffing readers to marvel at."

Funny Jesus toast joke picture

Atheist Quote of the Day

"Religion is like having a classroom where the students have to show up every day, but there's no teacher. There are a bunch of books around and no one is even sure which on is the text book. Some students insist on one book; others argue just as hard for another. Then suddenly, on the last day, the teacher appears and says he's been watching everybody the whole time. He praises the ones who chose the right text book and sends them off to have cookies and milk.

And then he sets everyone else on fire."
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