Because religion is laughable

How to avoid Door-to-Door Soulsmen?

Funny Pacman Christian Evangelism Joke Cartoon Picture
Funny Pacman Christian Evangelism Joke Cartoon Picture - sir! F**k off!  I just need a minute of your time. ACCEPT JESUS!  NO!!
Door to door evangelists are the bane of any peace-loving homebody.  "Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?" "Do you want to buy our magazine?" "Do you want to give me money?"

Here are several tried and tested approaches to dealing with this important issue.

Option 1 - Post a nice sign asking them not to.  Lying is permissible.

Option 2 - Implement physical deterrents

Funny evangelism deterrent door knocker picture

Option 3 - Hide

funny door peephole picture

Option 4 - Engage them in polite conversation

"Christ, I told the escort agency I only wanted one! You go to the bedroom get undressed. You wait outside, and I’ll call them to sort it out!”

"I have one already.  It gave me piles."

Option 5 - Invite them in for lunch

Scary dog evangelism deterrent

Atheist Quote of the Day

"Religion is like having a classroom where the students have to show up every day, but there's no teacher. There are a bunch of books around and no one is even sure which on is the text book. Some students insist on one book; others argue just as hard for another. Then suddenly, on the last day, the teacher appears and says he's been watching everybody the whole time. He praises the ones who chose the right text book and sends them off to have cookies and milk.

And then he sets everyone else on fire."
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