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Religious News - Catholic Church Durex Sponsorship

Catholic church Durex condom sponsorship picture

The Catholic Church today announced a new five year sponsorship deal with Durex, the contraceptives manufacturer.  Spokesperson Cardinal Giacomo Giverone told our reporters, "We are very excited about the new deal, and it fully supports our newly revised Divine mandate."

The U-turn on the church's contraception policy followed a miraculous appearing last month of the Virgin Mary on a Durex Fuego condom found in an alleyway behind the Vatican.

The condom is now on display in the Vatican Museum, and replaces the Sistene Chapel as the museum's most prized exhibit.

The deal, which was signed on Sunday by His Holiness Pope Francis, will include a range of striking advertising billboards and branded products:

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Disclaimer: in case there is any doubt, this is a spoof news article.

Atheist Quote of the Day

"Religion is like having a classroom where the students have to show up every day, but there's no teacher. There are a bunch of books around and no one is even sure which on is the text book. Some students insist on one book; others argue just as hard for another. Then suddenly, on the last day, the teacher appears and says he's been watching everybody the whole time. He praises the ones who chose the right text book and sends them off to have cookies and milk.

And then he sets everyone else on fire."
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