Because religion is laughable

Be Saved Or Burn

Funny Be Saved Or Burn Religious Meme Picture
Funny Be Saved Or Burn Religious Meme Picture - I hate those people who knock on your door and tell you how you need to be saved or you'll burn.  Stupid fireman.

I was never a very good evangelist, because through some divine plan I ended up being embarrassed to broach the very personal topic of religion with complete strangers.  Never mind that the message itself has tremendous plausibility issues.

But of course I had to do it.  I wouldn't be a good Christian otherwise.  The world was lost, after all, and who was going to save people from Hell if we didn't speak up?

So off I went:

"Jesus loves you."
"That's nice."

"You need to be saved!"
"From what?"
"From Hell."
"I don't believe in Hell."

"God loves you and wants to be saved."
"Save from what?"
"I thought you said he loved me?"

You see, evangelists struggle at the first hurdle: which is to persuade people that they have a problem that needs fixing.

Which, I suspect, is why very often, idiots become believers.

Atheist Quote of the Day

"Religion is like having a classroom where the students have to show up every day, but there's no teacher. There are a bunch of books around and no one is even sure which on is the text book. Some students insist on one book; others argue just as hard for another. Then suddenly, on the last day, the teacher appears and says he's been watching everybody the whole time. He praises the ones who chose the right text book and sends them off to have cookies and milk.

And then he sets everyone else on fire."
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