Funny Heaven Complaint Joke

Funny KKK Black St Peter Cartoon Pearly Gates
 Funny KKK Black St Peter Cartoon Pearly Gates Heaven Joke

"St Peter, I'd like to register a complaint."

The old man paused from his writing in the Book of Life and raised a quizzical, bushy, white eyebrow at me, "About heaven? Can't say that has happened to me before."

I nodded, "Yes, about heaven. I have come across a great injustice: my lifelong friend Joe and I are neighbours, but while he gets to share a room (and who knows what else) with Marilyn Monroe, I got Mrs Froom from up the road! You know, the one with the moustache!"

He smiled sympathetically, "Well, you do know that in heaven it is not all about rewards - there are some consequences too. You did some bad things on earth so your 'punishment' (we don't really like to use that word here) is Mrs Froom."

"But," I protested, "Joe was certainly no better than me! How come he gets Marilyn Monroe?"

St Peter grinned, "Ah, you see, he is her punishment."

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