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Why Does God Allows Suffering?

Funny Why God Allows Suffering Joke Picture
Funny Why God Allows Suffering Joke Picture - God, why do bad things happen to good people?  Because it's funny!  So, when my son fell off that bridge - Hahahahahahahahaha
For those of you who don't know the Bible story of Job, Job was a faithful servant of God; so much so, that when God and Satan were having a chat one day, he gets picked by God to demonstrate that Job is not (as Satan suggests) only faithful because he is blessed and protected by God.  God gives Satan permission to inflict quite a lot of suffering on the poor chap (including the killing of his family, the stripping away of all his wealth, and giving him boils.)  But Job perseveres and refuses to curse God.

So God wins the bet, and Job is re-blessed with more than he had originally.  Everybody's happy, apart from me.  This is twisted!  Job should be berated for his irrational belief in God's goodness -the God who allowed the suffering for the sake of a silly bet that arguably an omniscient being should have known the outcome of anyway.

Suffering exists.  God exists.  Something's not right.

Either God wills the suffering, and can't be considered loving in any normal sense of the word, or he doesn't, but is somehow powerless to fix it.

Christians will generally blame the Devil or humans for the suffering inflicted, and go a little fuzzy around tsunamis and stuff, but either way God is not absolved.  This is his experiment.  He knew what would happen, that billions of innocent animal species and humans would suffer.

But somehow it is worth it. He is worth it.

Bollocks to that.