Because religion is laughable

Jesus' Lesser Miracles

Funny Jesus's Lesser Miracles Cartoon
Funny Jesus' Lesser Miracles Cartoon - Turning mayo into lite mayo. Walking across asphalt. Waking Lazarus from the bed.
God's powers over the years appeared to have diminished from the glorious days of creation and floods, through to plagues, parting seas, walking on water, resurrections and finally to the occasional appearance on toast.  In fact, so little miraculous has happened since the time of the apostles that the doctrine of cessationism arose (i.e. the belief that spiritual gifts died with the apostles).

However, in recent times, with Pentecostalism, there has been a resurgence of spiritual gifts and healing crusades.  It's odd however that these gifted faith healers don't do the hospital circuit instead of lining their pockets with the funds of the gullible masses.

And what's with God's apparent inability to heal amputees?!