Because religion is laughable

5 Steps to Writing Christian Fiction

Step 1 - Read the complete idiot's guide to writing Christian fiction, the inside guide to crafting compelling, faith-based stories. 

Step 2 - Write a compelling story full of exciting, larger than life characters and an implausible, inconsistent plot - the more unbelievable the better.  Balance this with an appearance of authenticity by basing your story loosely around ancient historical places, events and alleged eye-witness reports. Don't worry about contradictions - your target market won't.  This is the beauty of faith-fiction.

Holy Bible Christian fiction picture

Step 3 - Get the book published, do book tours, readings and signings. If you're imaginary, get someone real to do this on your behalf.

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Step 4 - Get some decent book reviews.  Buy them if needed.  Nobody's perfect.

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Step 5 - Die. The more dramatic the better. Dead authors sell more books.