Because religion is laughable

The Jesus Interviews - The Trinity

Lawd Cheesy Crust

Interviewer: Lord, we were wondering if you could explain the Trinity to us.

Jesus: We?  You mean you?

Interviewer: Ha-ha...  Yes and no.  I represent the many who watch our show.

Jesus: Well it's just the same with the Trinity.  I represent the many who watch the show.

Interviewer: You mean the Father and the Holy Spirit?

Jesus: Them too.

Interviewer: Too?  There are more?

Jesus: Sure.

Interviewer: But it's the Trinity?!

Jesus: You word, not mine.

Interviewer: So who else is there?!

Jesus: (starts counting fingers) Let's see. Zeus, Brahma... I don't have enough fingers.

Interviewer: But they're not real.

Jesus: Neither am I.  What's your point?


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