Because religion is laughable

Knocking On Heaven's Door

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Jesus strolled up to St Peter and put his majestic arm around the old saint's shoulders.  "How's it going, old friend?"

St Peter replied, "I have done as you instructed Lord: all the women have gone through the great gates, while the men have formed two orderly queues, according to whether or not they were the head of their households."

Jesus cast his eye over the first queue - the longer of the two: filled with men who had not lived up to his Father's command - and shook his sadly.  "So many have failed," he sighed.

But then he saw the second queue, where one man stood, and brightened.  "Look Peter," he said, "at least one has been faithful."

Before St Peter could say anything, Jesus approached the solitary man and said, "My good man, welcome.  You, of all these men..." He waved his hand at the other queue.  "You alone have been faithful to the Word and have been the master of your house."

The little man looked up at Jesus and replied, trembling, "Er, no Sir, not exactly.  My wife told me to stand in this queue."

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