Because religion is laughable

The Jesus Interviews - Salvation

Lawd Cheesy Crust

Interviewer:  Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Jesus: No probs.

Interviewer:  Today I'd like to discuss the question of salvation.  I mean, why was your sacrifice necessary?

Jesus: To save mankind from their sins.

Interviewer: But, couldn't you just have forgiven mankind?  Why did you have to die?

Jesus: That would have been unjust.  A life for a life.  The sinner deserves to die, so I, the perfect, sinless Lamb, chose to die once for all, that the sinner might justly be forgiven.

Interviewer: Unjust? Life for a life? But these are your rules?! Why not just change them?

Jesus: You know, I never thought about that...


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