Because religion is laughable

The Jesus Interviews - Truth

Lawd Cheesy Crust

Interviewer:  Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Jesus: Sure thing, bud.

Interviewer:  Today I'd like to discuss the question of Truth.  I mean, how do I know that you are real?

Jesus: You can see me, right?

Interviewer: Yes, but what about those who can't see you?

Jesus: You could just tell them you saw me.  (He proceeds to magic a bunch of fake flowers from his sleeve.) And my miracles!

Interviewer: Wow, that is so cool, Lord, but, see, people are a bit skeptical.  Miracles don't normally happen, so if I start telling them about this guy I saw, who does the impossible, well, they'll lock me up for sure.

Jesus: Seriously?

Interviewer: Yes.

Jesus: Shit.  In my day people were a lot more gullible.


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