Because religion is laughable

Forgetful Elephant

Boy reading to an elephant picture

“… and so they lived happily ever after.”

The boy snapped the book shut and looked up at the elephant. “So, what do you think, Tjank’a?”

The old elephant thought a long time, as was his wont, and then replied, “It is a good story, little one. I particularly liked the ending. Did you write it yourself?”

The boy nodded vigorously.

“In that case, I think you will go far, little one, but, tell me: the heroine of your tale, what was her name again?”

The boy thought it odd that the elephant would forget anything, but replied, “Little Red Riding Hood.”

“Ah, yes,” replied the elephant shaking his massive head. “It was just that it reminded me of a story I had heard before.”

The boy frowned with concern — all did not seem well with his old friend. “Would you like to hear another of my stories?” he asked.

The elephant did, and the boy opened another, larger book, and started to read:

“In the beginning, God…”